What is the global picture?
What is the
Global Picture?

Teach better

Control outcomes better

Audit results


Educate and prevent disease

Start earlier

Communicate operational values and value to the patient better


Define a holistic, functional, systems approach to oral health

Integrate dental disease into a systemic concept

Integrate systemic disease into a dental concept


“Do no harm” as a guiding principle is to little to late for most dental disease.


Everything is personal.

Use logic and apply critical thinking skills to all processes and guidelines.

Constantly challenge, re-evaluate and re-think all issues as new information, materials and concepts evolve or are introduced.

Question all standards and rules. Question orthodoxies.

A rule without support for why the rule is valuable is just a dogma.

Be a continual student.

Don’t be fast to improve what works.

Don’t be slow to real improvement when something doesn’t work. 


Rules for evaluation of a change

If something is already working or getting good results then a change requires more proof, stronger proof and more observational time to rule out failure or unintended consequences.


If there is no good solution to an existing problem or condition any advancement or success requires a much lower threshold for evaluation and for a change.


These two ends of the spectrum contrast a incremental improvement and their unintended consequences compared to the norm, verses a treatment or idea for a condition with no successful solution showing a successful outcome.


What is it that frustrates you about different dots?

Dots always want to be heard but seldom want to be introduced to other dots.

The tools for this isolation are frequently called focus or time restraints.


What is a dot?

A dot represents a breakthrough, a new understanding or brilliance in some area that has value to others but has not yet been incorporated into the public or professional conscience.


These are the speakers and leaders who you would want to showcase their ideas and research in professional meetings and in the media.  They represent the best in new ideas and value in moving health and wellness forward.  They represent the most valuable information for the public and professions to understand.


How dots become rock stars.

Most dots start out being ignored or rejected by their peers for years because of their ideas which by definition are lying outside of the box, the norm or the established orthodoxies.  Then they become better prepared at presenting their ideas, possibly driven by this apparent rejection. They continue to present, lecture and write books and after years become overnight celebrities among their followers.  They move from understanding and being frustrated by this process into becoming the next generation of the same communication and acceptance problem.