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Short Bio

Basis for Opinions:

Clinical experience, history, & background

46 years of clinical practice; 43 years in the same location, the last 31 years as a general restorative dentist in a collaborative multidisciplinary group practice, with full-time in-house laboratory support from multiple internationally recognized ceramists.  38 years of experience using high magnification, and the last 26 years with the surgical microscope.

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Long-term participation in airway/sleep, esthetic dentistry, implants, treatment planning, head and neck pain, TMJ treatments, practice management, occlusion, and full-mouth reconstruction/rehabilitation study groups--Over 4,500 hours of continued education. 


Faculty positions in restorative dentistry, diagnosis and treatment planning, endodontics, and esthetic dentistry at USC and UCLA.  The first one in dentistry is to introduce, transition, and compare digital imaging to film.  


General chairman for the 1985 CDA Annual Scientific Session with over thirty years as a meeting planner, scout, speaker, and AV chair for over twenty major meetings.


Thirty years of professional associations and long-term friendships with nationally and internationally prominent faculty, researchers, and lectures. 

Ed Mclaren, Don Cornell, Bob Winter, and Peter Wohrle are among the better-known international lecturers who have practiced with him in his office. Design porcelain by Ivoclar, the Noble Perfect implant, and 3:1 digital projection aspect ratio presentations for dental continuing education meetings were developed in his office.


years of practice with three different prosthodontists


years of practice with two-implant surgeon/3 years of practice with an endodontist


years of practice with three different general dentists


years of practice with a pedodontist /2 years of practice with two periodontists

Leadership and Voluteership 


California Dental Association (CDA) Annual Scientific Session

Served in all of the chairs of both of California’s major annual meetings 


American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED)Annual Scientific Session            

Served on eleven annual meetings in all of the chairs. 

Put together shared AV/screen/sound system both (AAED, PCSP) for cost containment. 

Transitioned the changes in four separate academies (AAED, PCSP, AMED, and NHAD) in the change from three projector slide presentations to 3:1 digital. 


Lecture background 

Over 70 presentations in 5 countries and 5 dental schools on 15 new lecture topics. 

  1. Dental Insurance Fraud by Carriers

  2. Non-obvious Pharmacology in Bruxing, Fear/Pain Management, and Wound Healing

  3. Magnification in Dentistry – Improved Communication, Control, and Outcomes (1990)

  4. Pit & Fissures, a Radical Approach To Conservative Dentistry

  5. Cleanouts and Posterior Composites a New Look

  6. Ten Hot Topics and New Concepts

  7. A Comparison of Digital Photography to Film (the first in dentistry)

  8. Bio-Film/Plaque Removal, a New Innovative Approach

  9. New Shade Taking Techniques and Methods

  10. The Backwards Prep – More Control, Precision, and Speed

  11. Uses of Digital Photography in Dentistry

  12. Hands-on Dental Photography and Portrait Workshops

  13. Dentin Contamination Issues – a New Perspective

  14. Non-TMJ Splints/ A One-hour Composite Splint Technique

  15. Post and Cores- Salvaging Hopeless Teeth, A New View

  16. Four keys to controlling Dental Disease and Dental Cost Worldwide


Research Projects completed

  1. Evaluation of 500 Bad Splints “I already have a splint” Series in a 500 consecutive splint series

  2. Decay Under Existing Restorations Series, in a series of 5,000 consecutive restorations

  3. Contamination in Previously Treated Endodontic Teeth Series, in a series of 500 consecutive teeth

  4. Pit and Fissures, A 25 Year Enamel Penetration and Decay Series, in a segment of 5,000 consecutive teeth

  5. Comparison of 35mm Film to Digital 1.75MP/6MP- A Visual Comparison

  6. Bio-Film Removal by Two New Chemical Systems    

  7. Evaluation of a New Bleaching System with a Spray Delivery



  1. Splints: All the Uses other than TMJ

  2. Splint fabrication: A one hour, one impression, composite splint 

  3. Prep Design - Preparations and Controlling Tooth Reduction 

  4. Digital Photography in Dentistry- the Overview*

  5. Tooth Whitening: A New, Innovative Method*

  6. Dentin Contamination Issues*

  7. Restoration of Hopeless Teeth*                      


Biographical Information:

Dr. Vigoren has maintained a private general practice in Newport Beach, California, for the past 43 years.  He is a graduate of the University of Southern California, spending two years in the U.S. Air Force while stationed in Japan and completing four 6-month rotating internships in endodontics, oral surgery, periodontal surgery, and pedodontics. 


He is a member of the AAED, PCSP, NHAD, AMED, ADA, CDA, and OCDS. He was a prior CRA dental evaluator for 28 years and is a current or prior consultant for KavoKerr, Air Techniques, Apple, Canon, and ESPE, all major dental manufacturers. 


He has been a faculty member for both USC and at UCLA in the Center for Dental Esthetics. 


In comparison to the norm, his techniques demonstrate extremely long survival rates and extremely low failure rates all documented with large volumes of data with 90% of all procedures having been photographed over the last 37years. He has multiple major re-constructions done in dental school on family and friends over 45 years ago, without failure.


He has been a sought-after expert witness in medical/dental malpractice for over 30 years.


Dr. Vigoren is a leader in magnification and digital photography, and their uses in teaching, quality control, research (carries, leakage, and restorative failure) and restorative dentistry. 


Monday - Friday: 8 am - 4 pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed


Schedule Now for a Free Consultation

Phone: (949)-760-1152

Location: 360 San Miguel Dr #601, Newport Beach, CA 92660

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