“I love the way Dr. Vigoren has a solution for every challenge or issue with my dental care.  He keeps me healthy and feeling and looking great!”

Steve Murphy, PERFIT Fitness


"I have been a patient of Dr. Vigoren's for 24 years and aside from his extraordinary talent, what most impresses me about him is his passion.  He loves what he does. He cares deeply about each patient and he is committed to finding the best solution for each patient. He is as passionate 24 years later as he was the day I first went to him which I find incredibly impressive. He goes above and beyond to do research to be helpful and is always on the cutting edge of technology making him the bests dentist in Orange County.
     My early dental work was not the best and I was confronted in my 30's with the need for some major work. He has transformed my mouth and it is healthier and happier than it has ever been in my life! I am so grateful for how dedicated he is to his work."

Heidi Shurtleff


“I thought my dental care was fine until Dr. Vigoren showed me magnified photos of my teeth that identified the likelihood of trouble down the road…problems in the making that would never have shown up with common x-rays.  By getting on a program of repair and restoration I am now confident that I can look forward to a healthy smile and gums for the rest of my life.”

Debbie Douglas, Principal, Douglas Strategic Communications LLC 


"We have been patients of Dr. Vigoren for 29 years! I cannot say enough good things about him.
     When I was diagnosed with cancer, he fit me in for a teeth cleaning and minor work before I started chemo. Our grown children who live in other states still come home to have Dr. Vigoren do their dental work. One year during my son's winter break, Dr. Vigoren came in himself to do my son's cleaning because the office was closed.
     The quality of his work is exceptional! Some might think he's a little expensive but his crowns last 4 times longer than other dentists.
     He's the best!"

Bonnie Blevins

“Dr. Vigoren is an extraordinary practitioner on the leading edge of applied dental research.  His dedication to long-term dental health with less discomfort and far more durability is validated by my experience over several years, and underscored by patients from around the nation, Asia and Europe seeking world class dental care.”

Gary Douglas, retired investment banker 



"My professional and personal relationship with Dr. Greg Vigoren started in April 1977 by chance when I needed some emergency dental work. While eating lunch at a restaurant near Dr. Vigoren's dental office, I managed to get a small piece of chicken bone or part of a toothpick stuck between two of my teeth causing a considerable amount of discomfort. Dr. Vigoren was able to provide instant relief by removing the piece of bone or toothpick. My teeth needed a considerable amount of dental work and Dr. Vigoren was extremely thorough in explaining the professional dental services that I needed. My first impressions of Dr. Vigoren were very positive and remain so even more so today. Our chance encounter in 1977 was and remains a very fortunate dental emergency. A few years after Dr. Vigoren had done a considerable amount of gold inlays and other necessary dental work, I needed and received the services of an orthodontist. On more than one occasion, my orthodontist commented on the impressive, professional work of Dr. Vigoren. I felt that I was getting the best dental services available from Dr. Vigoren, but it was a positive, pleasant reassurance​ to hear my orthodontist tell me how impressed he was with the dental work by Dr. Vigoren.

     To this day, my wife and 3 adult children use the services of Dr. Vigoren with total and complete confidence and satisfaction.  I have visions and ideas of living to 100 plus with all or most of my teeth with many feelings of gratitude to Dr. Vigoren.  Daily flossing and dental hygiene appointments about every 3 or 4 months are a given. Over the past 39 years, I have received all of the dental services as recommended by Dr. Vigoren.  Every service and every visit with Dr. Vigoren has been and remains a very positive, healthy and rewarding experience.  If you are looking for a dentist who understands the WHOLE person, then Dr. Vigoren is the dentist for you. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, I give Dr. Vigoren a 10+.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Dr. Vigoren for constantly pursuing the highest levels of excellence and perfection.  May God Bless You and reward You abundantly."

With Gratitude and Appreciation  -  Joe Alber