Enjoy a Beautiful Smile

Enjoy a Beautiful Smile

Dentistry for the Entire Family

Dentistry for the Entire Family

A Welcoming, Safe Environment

A Welcoming, Safe Environment



High-Tech Equipment

Welcome to the Vigoren Restorative Dental Center

Join in this new website that Dr. Vigoren is building with his own content.

This will not be the typical cut and paste website with all the key words and topics picked by marketing/web designer. Please send us your questions and we will try to address them.

Our goal is to make the public's dental health a participatory process by allowing evaluation and understanding to be both transparent and reviewable by others.

We will try to achieve this goal based on over 40 years of successful treatments with the supplements of high magnification, high definition photography and high definition display.

What are the Real Costs:

In dollars, in other health care issues and in your longevity?

How can you best control or eliminate the need for those costs?

The Story of Neglect – The Patient's Choice

Lack of understanding and skill sets, poor diet choices, economic restrictions, lack of early interventive treatment, avoidance of oversight and early treatment, avoidance because of fear and anxiety.

The Story of Average – The Insurance Influence (A Bureaucratic Billing System)

The story goes here

5 Stars – The difference between 5 Star reviews and 5 Star results

5 Star reviews can be gamed. They may be accurate, but they may be manipulated by marketing and reviews sites for profit and have little or no linkage to reality. 5 Star results can only be evaluated by high levels of success over time. Don't be fooled by not knowing the difference.


Testimonials can also be gamed and fall into the same category as reviews and results. For testimonials to be valid, they have to come from real patients and represent long periods of time.

The Story of Poor Work – An Out of Control Total Lack of Oversight of Results

The story goes here

The Way the Story Could Be

Conscientious, critical skills, vision, talented, early intervention, consistent durable results.

Digital Magnification and Photography

​You can't know how deep decay goes from a two dimensional x-ray alone. Click here to learn more about the importance of digital magnification and photography

Why We're Different

World-class dentistry is based on peer reviewed scientific research and new technology...proven effective in long term clinical use.  Welcome to the 21st century! 

Welcome to 21st Century Dentistry

Unnecessary patient discomfort is often caused by outdated dental methods.  For too many, the unfortunate result is the cascading failure of dental health.  We specialize in restorative and preventitive dentistry with maximum comfort and health benefits.