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Magnification Makes a BIG Difference!


The importance of magnification is that it allows for better understanding of dentin contamination issues, and consequently, much more accurate diagnosis and restorative treatments.  Dentin is the material similar to but harder than bone that comprises the mass of a tooth.  In the past, dentists tried to conserve dentin by sealing it. If it is contaminated, however, as sometimes happened, it significantly affects the quality of dental procedure outcomes and the durability and predictability of restorative dentistry over the long term. Leakage, re-decay and too often catastrophic failure is the result.  The clear objective is obtaining stable, durable, predictable surfaces not prone to failure over time.


Using only two dimensional x-rays, verses today's digital photography  with magnification of up to 80X, it's difficult to see how deep decay goes, the extent of cracks and their relationship to the pulp, or the fractures that extend under the cusps.  Without magnification, it's difficult to know what dental procedure is optimum.  We do not diagnose a problem until all the decay and restorative materials are removed. 


In 21st century dentistry, all contaminated dentin is cleaned out and removed, then perfectly sealed with highly effective new materials rendering long term benefits in terms of comfort, predictable durability and esthetics.   


This photo shows why magnification is so important.  Makes you wonder why all dentists don't use it.