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What do I believe is the most valuable or important thing you can do as a dentist?


Stop decay from the start by eliminating the natural defects in the teeth that harbor disease-producing bacteria and act as life long re-seeding reservoirs for that disease.

The Aggressive Removal of Dentinal Contamination


The aggressive opening of all developmental pits and fissure defects in enamel, combined with aggressive removal of all dentin contamination and meticulous sealing and bonding with durable composites in minimal micro-preparations represents the most effective preventive procedure in all of restorative dentistry.   


This approach is not a common treatment in everyday practice because of outdated concepts taught years ago or still taught in some dental schools.  This outdated concept throws back its roots to a conservative “do no harm” belief that was established before the use of modern materials, high magnification, understanding of dentinal tubular systemic bacterial exposure concepts and whole mouth bacterial reseeding mechanisms.  


This simple early and aggressive treatment stops a cascade of progressive and never ending dental disease. It is the first chapter in the story in almost all dental disease.

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