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Early Education


Dental disease is fundamentally a contagious bacterial biofilm disease that takes advantage of developmental defects in the natural enamel formation of the teeth.


The early education of our children and grandchildren in the areas of biofilm removal, disease prevention and diet are the most effective first steps in a lifetime free of disease.

These are topics that will be addressed in a children's book, in the future:

"How do you Teach your Dog to Floss?"

How do you teach children how to read?

Brush your teeth and go to bed.

Are you talking to an adult or a four-year old?

Flossing failure


Imaginary pencil line

Micro bottlebrushes

Self-cleaning parts of teeth.

Liquid calories

What do you eat when you are hungry?

Behind the blood sugar curve.

The over correction of the sugar craving cycle.

Blood sugar, what every two year old understands.

What is a bio-film?

Where does it come from?

Can it be healthy?

How often does it need to be disrupted?

What causes decay vs gum disease?

Why can’t you be born with dental disease?

Who do we get the disease-producing organisms from?


How can the only kid in the family who never brushed his teeth have no decay?

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