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A New Foundation: Disruptive Healthcare Innovations


With the purpose to promote new ideas and break-through concepts that are naturally resisted by the established norms directly through education of the public.


To maximize the reach and educational value of direct access to the public by valuable and relevant information content to challenge and change the established orthodoxies of our health care system, a pathway that cannot be overlooked as a powerful implement of beneficial change in that system.


This would use a grass roots movement through an Internet access to arm those leaders and early adopters in our society with new health care ideas allowing health care providers to follow changes in consumer wishes and demands for a more effective and preventive driven concept.  Better health through a clearer understanding of how to participate in and prevent costly and debilitating end stage end of life disease.


This foundation would already have fifteen or twenty major health breakthrough areas that need to become common knowledge, some old that just need elevation through all the marketing, hype and noise and some so new that the Nobel Committee doesn’t have them on their radar yet.


These new ideas and that transformational information are resisted by those who should be applying them and know better because of powerful vested interests and other natural human conflicts of interest.


The first four are arrogance, ignorance, politics and greed, followed by ego, hubris, skepticism, pessimism, fear and just plain stupid.

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