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The Integration of Dentistry into Medicine

The Integration of Functional Medicine into Dentisty 


Airway: To Breath Is To Live, To Sleep Is To Restore, To Restore Is To Thrive 

The Teeth; A Continual Source of Systemic Bacterial Contamination

Periodontal Disease; The Allergic Reaction of Bacteria from the Gut Lining

The Universal and Overlooked Flaw; Developmental Enamel Defects

The Foundational Flaw; The Ignored Bacterial Contamination of Dentin 

The Hidden Pathway: Bacterial Movement through those Dentinal Tubules                                                                    

Unfiltered into the Systemic Vascular System 


The development of the jaws, the swallowing mechanisms and the teeth provide the primary system for maintaining airway and survival from birth. Infants at birth are obligatory nose breathers or they cannot feed properly and breathe at the same time. 


The teeth are a constant and lifelong source of a bacterial contamination, insult and invasion into the body.


The allergic reaction to the bacteria in the plaque or biofilm on the surfaces of the teeth that we call periodontal disease is primarily controlled by the inflammatory condition or inflammation rheostat of the body, the health of the gut lining and the reaction to the organisms in the gut’s dysbiosis that the gum tissue is having an allergic reaction to.   


The adult teeth are needed intact and functioning for an average of 70-90 years. Five-year survival rates cycles of dental work with catastrophic failures at the end is not a successful or desirable long-term strategy.  


The first order of decay of the teeth of the general population is always through the naturally occurring developmental defects that transport acid and disease producing bacteria into the center of the teeth from almost the instant of their eruption into the mouth. This destructive and disease producing contamination evolves here in most treatments until the tooth is lost or extracted, or the person dies. 


This initial contamination of dentin is a life long reservoir and re-seeding mechanism of that disease-producing bacteria.  Dental treatments that are poorly done, that leak or that are placed over this bacterial contamination in the dentin (even if it is just called stain) continue to re-seed the mouth with disease producing bacteria and eventually cause a catastrophic failure from destruction or poor treatments.  


Dental disease is a communicable disease; you cannot be born with it.  The organisms that cause dental diseases need a tooth’s surface to survive. They are contacted or spread from a family member or caregiver with dental disease. 


Undiagnosed airway problems may cause sleep disruption issues that seriously affects children’s learning ability, behavior, mood, growth and development, weight gain, food cravings (sweet tooth), energy levels, ear infections, tonsils and adenoids, allergies and many other issues related to inflammation. These interruptions interfere with a necessary nightly regenerative neurological processes of the developing brain. 


Sleep disruption in adults is an undiagnosed condition 80-95% of the time based on comprehensive evaluations.  The standard of care presently only classifies the most severe airway disruptions. These undiagnosed airway conditions are co-morbidities for more than 10 additional major dysfunctions and diseases including many quality of life, longevity and life threating events.

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