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Is it possible to eliminate, almost all, dental disease in our children?


The answer to this question is absolutely yes, with the valuable information necessary to achieve that outcome.  


Make an appointment now to learn more or read on.


The two necessary actions:

#1. Early effective education and demonstration on preventive measures.

 Coupled with,

#2. An early aggressive intervention in eliminating the natural occurring reservoir-seeding defects in teeth.  


Personal experience and evidence:  

Large numbers of patients and teeth (over 500 patients and 8,000 individual teeth) treated, all with magnified photographic documentation over decades (more than 35 years) with little or no dental disease.  This is a dramatic variation from the norm when compared to a similar group not treated with these concepts, philosophy and techniques.  As example among my three adult children with a total of 60 baby teeth, 84 permanent adult teeth involved in the mouth for over 100 cumulative years with only one cavity. Comparing that with the eight cavities I had before age 12 takes genetics off the table as a reason for my children’s success. 


How to start on the preventive measures: 

Start early as soon as your child can hold a toothbrush. Make it fun; make it a special bonding time (like reading) for both the parent and child. Let them mimic your behavior and do it together.  Don’t make it a punishment, “brush your teeth and go to bed.”


Understand that the disease causing plaque on teeth and bacteria in the sticky yogurt like film that cause decay is transmitted from the parents or other family members. Parents who can’t clean their own teeth effectively or evaluate that result are not good at teaching their children how to do the best job. 


To recap, eliminate disease in the entire family to eliminate it in your children and become the best cleaner and evaluator at this task to teach your children.


Make an appointment and let us teach you how to do this effectively.


Early aggressive intervention:

After applying standard sealants to the chewing surfaces of back baby teeth and the first adult teeth at age 6-7, follow-up with opening up and composite filling of all the naturally occurring developmental defects in the permanent teeth before they become predictable infected large cavities.  This intervention in early decay and internal destruction that is impossible to see until it is too late will eliminate more and influence future decay and dental disease more than any other single factor. 


Make an appointment now and let us show you through easy to understand magnified images of these concepts on your own children or on other real patients.

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