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What is the importance of the inside game? 


Why do we have so much predictable early failure in dental care that we both publicly and as a profession consider it normal?  


Is it the ignored bacterial contamination of the tubular structure of the dentin inside all teeth? Our educational system has taught us as dentists that this bacterial contamination is just stain and not a problem. This is a flaw that goes back generations in our institutional education bias that may lead to predictable failure.  


This is the dentinal support structure for the hard enamel outer surface of the tooth, but it connects directly with the blood vascular tissue of the entire body.  To ignore this contamination leads to results and foundational failure akin to trying to “duck tape to a dirt floor”.


The use of high-resolution digital photography displayed on high-resolution screens allows for a completely different level of communication and understanding between the patient and the dental operator.  This level of communication gives the patient the actual ability to see and appreciate the differences in details that affect quality, durability and value in treatments in their own mouth.


Should our standards and expectations of successful outcomes be defined and evaluated by durability before failure on 3-5 year cycles, on 5-10 cycles or on 20-40 year cycles?


This over looked dentinal/bacterial contamination issue leads to recurrent and catastrophic failure in teeth that need too and can, if properly taken care of, last for a lifetime of healthy use.


These different or more critical concepts of the effects of bacterial contamination on the insides of teeth (the dentin) affect all aspects of restorative dentistry (what dentists do).  This leakage, poor long-term seal and overlooked bacterial contamination adversely affect all crowns, fillings, root canals and the entire blood vascular system of the body. 


Because of these connections you can’t separate the health of the teeth from the rest of the body anymore than you can separate the health of the body from the teeth.



Dis-assembly of all existing dental work

Complete cleanout of bacterial contamination in the dentin

Pupal diagnosis as part of the restoration process

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